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Leadership Workshops & resources 

The Watchwell Communications Leadership Institute strives to become a "Think tank" and a provider of practical and innovative leadership training programs and leadership development resources. 

 Click here for additional workshop information. You may also watch this video to learn more about The Know System Problem Solving and Decision Making Model. 

Student Leadership Series Parent Workshop

Student Leadership Series (Four 75-Minute Sessions)

Workshop 1
Developing Student Leaders

  • Defining Leadership
  • Identifying Heroes
  • Leadership Expectations
  • Understanding Competition


Workshop 2
Powerful Decision Making

  • Discuss Dreams and Goals
  • Personal Success Strategy
  • Survival Skills
  • The Know System™ for Problem Solving and Decision Making


Workshop 3
How to be an Impact Player

  • 10 Principles
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Becoming an Impact Player
  • 10 Guideposts to Greatness
  • Hobbies are the New Hustle


Workshop 4
The Art of Saying No

  • Leadership Lessons from Athletics
  • Plan A and Plan B
  • Learning to Say No with Conviction/Depth
  • Leadership Action Planning


Points Covered: This session provides the participants with a decision-making model (The Know System™) to help them make the right choices in school, business, life, and relationships. It covers how to be more decisive in sticking to their values and beliefs, and evaluates the underlying selling process that occurs in human interactions. Somebody is always selling somebody something, whether we know it or not.

Think Like an Owner

  • Explore the different mindsets in action in the workplace.
  • Increase employee performance by understanding their stake in a productive and profitable workplace.
  • Examine the change process in moving from the current state to thinking and acting like a responsible owner.
  • Show how people benefit personally and professionally by the change in their mindset.


Exploratory Questions:
  • What do you want your employees to do differently?
  • How are you currently handling this disparity between reality and your expectations?
  • What kind of training is available?
  • What kind of training do you need?
  • What would your boss like to be done differently?
  • What additional responsibilities can you assume?
The Owner's Brain — "Drivers of Behaviors"                                                       Benefits
  • Put yourself in the owner's brain (organizational leadership, management).
  • What are the owner's thoughts, dreams, goals, and concerns?
  • Why did the owner start the business?
  • What are the owner's responsibilities?
  • What motivates them to come to work?
  • Why own this company and at this location?
  • Feel like a part of the business
  • Personal development and job satisfaction
  • Sales & profits improve
  • Higher wages and opportunities
  • Greater responsibilities & growth
  • Good training to be a business owner
  • Thinking will lead to acting like an owner


  • What is your coaching model for accelerating performance?
  • How do you stimulate decision-making?

Companion Materials
  • A Simple System is Needed
  • Consistent Steps to a Decision
  • Simple and Easy to Remember
  • Structure to Our Thinking
  • Quickly Assess Available Information

  • Improve Quality of Our Actions
  • Easy to Teach to Others 
Isle of Knowledge

KNOW System® Exercise

  • Solicit words found within the word KNOW.
  • Ask the group or individual for decisions they have to make or made recently — aloud or on paper.
  • Solicit the principles aloud or ask them to write it on paper.
  • Apply the principles to an aspect of the decision.

The KNOW System® Action Plan

  • Specify a behavior change or a change in results
  • Determine a problem or situation that requires a plan or a decision from you to reach your goals.
  • Select the keywords that you wish to apply to this plan or decision.
  • Develop key steps/actions you will pursue.
  • Provide a date for completion
  • Determine who will hold you accountable.
  • Discuss your decision with a small group.
  • Ask for volunteers from each group to present.
  • Click here to view the "Know System Coaching Guide."

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